The C.SCOPE PC Toolkit is compatible with the following products: CXL2, DXL2, MXL2, CXL4, CXL4-D, CXL4-DBG, DXL4-D, DXL4-DBG, MXL4-D, MXL4-DBG, SGV4-D, MXT4-D.

C.Scope PC Toolkit v3.4.10

The PC Toolkit:

  • Checks and updates Product Firmware (XL4 Locators only)
  • Enables transfer of data logs to a PC.
  • Allows the modification of some unit settings.
  • Provides tools to Review and Analyse the data.
  • Latest update includes improvements in operation – click the ChangeLog button in the program to review them.

User Manual for the C.Scope PC Toolkit

Describes how to setup, connect, transfer, and analyse data logs using a Windows PC.

USB Drivers

USB drivers for the Cable Avoidance Tool/Locator/Signal Generator/Transmitter. Customer Service may ask you to download these.