Cable Avoidance Tool Training

C.Scope recognise that safe excavating is not only dependent on the pipe and cable detection equipment that you are using, but also relies heavily on the skill, knowledge and experience of the operators.

C.Scope therefore offer a number of training packages all intended to provide operators with the essential skills and necessary competency to detect buried pipes and cables reliably and accurately.

We also recommend periodic refresher training to ensure that the highest standards of pipe and cable detection and tracing continue are maintained.

Training courses

CSCOPE offers a number of half-day and full-day training courses for up to 10 people per session. Training courses designed for operators of the equipment and also for in-house trainers are available. The courses can be taken at the C.SCOPE factory or at a location of your choice. Certificates of Training will be issued to all attendees upon their successful completion of the training course.




This is our standard course and provides attendees with comprehensive and expert tuition in the use of the C.SCOPE Locators, Signal Generators and any associated accessories that they currently use or are likely to have a need to use. This is a half-day course and consists of three basic elements; introduction, the theory of detecting and practical training.

The introduction to the course explains the potential safety and cost implications of hitting and damaging buried pipes and cables before moving on to describe the various other methods of determining where buried services might be located such as the use of cable plans and visual site inspections.

The theoretical part of the course explains exactly what can and cannot be detected, the correct locating techniques and when best to use them.

The practical part of the course gives attendees an opportunity to see and try these techniques and to become familiar with the operation of the equipment. For attendees who are already operating cable avoidance equipment, the practical part of the course will improve competency and can help to identify and address any incorrect practices or techniques that pre-exist.

The names of all successful attendees will be recorded to allow Certificates of Training in the use of Pipe and Cable Avoidance Tools to be issued.

Please note that training is not a once in a lifetime event. All operators should attend refresher courses to keep up to date with improving Locating and Detecting techniques and to further improve competency levels in the use of the equipment.


The theory part of the course explains exactly how a Cable Avoidance Tool works followed by a step-by-step explanation of what can and cannot be detected in each mode of detection.

Using Cable Avoidance Tool is covered first followed by the use of a Signal Generator and any accessories that are appropriate to the work that the operators carry out. Special emphasis will be given to those methods of detection that are most relevant to the particular work that is being undertaken. Correct maintenance and care of the equipment is also discussed.


Operators are shown the correct way to handle and operate the equipment before being given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Any pre-existing bad habits will be quickly picked up and corrected. Time is spent practising the techniques of detecting signals, pinpointing their source and then finally tracing the route of the service. All modes of detection are used and a Signal Generator and the relevant accessories will also be used extensively.




We are always happy to discuss the provision of a customised CSCOPE Training Course. The course can be designed to suit your specific needs. This may be in the form of including more practical hands-on content to the course, or making the session more of a mentoring type activity. It could be that we cover all of the standard topics but in greater detail over a full day rather than a half-day. We can also focus on specific types of detection that are of more relevance to a particular organisation.

We are happy to liaise with you and to construct a course that works best for your exact requirements.




This half-day course is aimed at managers who want to download and analyse the data stored on CSCOPE Data Logging Locators and Signal Generators.

We will teach you how to use the CSCOPE PC Toolkit software to download data, how to interpret the data enabling you gain a better understanding of how the location equipment is actually being used on site.

This course will enable attendees to make plans and recommendations to be made for future training staff requirements.

In addition, in the event of a cable strike, it will enable managers to understand the circumstances and behaviour of the individuals involved.




This is a one day course aimed at existing professional trainers who are considering providing their own in-house Pipe and Cable Locator training sessions for staff or who simply wish to become more knowledgeable on the topic themselves.

In addition to running through our standard ‘Using C.Scope Pipe and Cable Location Equipment’ Course, we also provide guidance about how best to teach others the correct techniques. We advise on which aspects of training are most important to teach. We also identify the most common operator errors in handling and technique and provide guidance on how best to correct these.

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