Three Year Warranty

C.Scope products are renowned for reliability and durability even in the toughest of working environments. To back this up, all C.Scope products now come with a Three Year Warranty (terms and conditions apply).

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    Three Year Warranty Terms and Conditions

    This warranty is in addition to, and does not affect, the statutory rights of the purchaser.

    C.Scope International Ltd (“C.Scope”) warrants that new products are free of defects in manufacture and materials for a period of 3 years after purchase subject to the following terms and conditions:

    • This warranty is extended to the original end user purchaser only and requires registration for a claim to be processed.
    • Proof of purchase from a C.Scope Approved Distributor is required to claim under this warranty.
    • The product must be returned, carriage, duties and taxes paid, to C.Scope International Ltd at the address above or, if not in the UK, a destination specified by C.Scope for inspection / repair.
    • The warranty is for repair or replacement of the defective product at C.Scope’s sole discretion.
    • Product more than 30 days old may be replaced with refurbished product that is functionally equivalent to new.
    • C.Scope’s liability shall not exceed the purchase price of the warranted product.
    • In no event will C.Scope be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or punitive damages arising from the use, or non-availability of the warranted product.
    • C.Scope will not be responsible for loss or erasure of data stored in products at any time.
    • C.Scope will not be responsible for transportation costs and risks associated with transportation of the product.
    • Determination of a defect shall be solely by C.Scope in accordance with C.Scope established policy and procedures.

    This warranty does not cover:

    • Maintenance or replacement of parts subject to wear and tear, for example, connection leads.
    • Consumables, such as batteries.
    • Software other than embedded software required for operation of hardware supplied.
    • Damage or changes to the product as a result of misuse.
    • Products that have been subject to impact, pressure, corrosion, battery leakage, fire, liquid exposure, chemical exposure, flood, excessive heat, radiation, excessive vibration, lightning and other electrostatic discharges.
    • Products not used in accordance with the instruction manual.
    • Products not maintained in accordance with C.Scope instructions on proper maintenance.
    • Products used with accessories, peripheral equipment, software and other products not supplied by C.Scope.
    • Products that have been subject to tampering (including product opened where there are no user serviceable parts).
    • Products that have been altered by persons not specifically authorised by C.Scope.

    After the expiry of the warranty, C.SCOPE authorised support centres will ensure that your equipment is maintained to specification. If you are unsure how to contact your nearest centre please call C.SCOPE on +44(0)1233 629181, fax on +44(0)1233 645897 or email [email protected]