The CXL4, DXL4 and MXL4 Locators are available with the option of in-built GPS. The CXL4-DBG, DXL4-DBG and MXL4-DBG Locators all feature in-built GPS.

In-built GPS models allow a record to be kept of exactly where the Locators have been used that can then be viewed in partnership with Google Earth™ or Google Maps™.

Twelve months of GPS data is stored, in normal usage. This can be conveniently transferred at any time via a USB cable to a PC (or wirelessly via Bluetooth™ to a tablet or smartphone) to supervisors for analysis. The free-to-download C.Scope PC Toolkit and Relay smartphone App analyses the stored data.

Additionally, the Locators can be paired to third party GPS Survey equipment, via the Locators in-built Bluetooth™ facilitating ‘one pass’ underground utility surveys to be undertaken or giving centimetre accurate recording of traced pipe and cable routes.

The following products all come with in-built GPS capability: CXL4-DBG, DXL4-DBG and MXL4-DBG.

For more information on in-built GPS and how it can benefit you and your business, please call +44(0)1233 629181 or email [email protected].