Desktop Relay Downloads

The C.SCOPE Desktop Relay is compatible with the following products: CXL2, DXL2, MXL2, CXL4, CXL4-D, CXL4-DBG, DXL4-D, DXL4-DBG, MXL4-D, MXL4-DBG, SGV4-D, MXT4-D.

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 To use the Desktop relay software, the user must create an account first at

Download Desktop Relay

Desktop Relay automatically checks and updates the firmware on your locator each time you use it. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly use the Desktop Relay with your locator to get the latest features and improvements from C.Scope (XL4 Locators only).

Desktop Relay is also capable of uploading data from a single product or a fleet of products to analyses the data and then instantly creates simple charts and tables that summarise the activity patterns. This can help to quickly identify correct or incorrect usage patterns and any potential training requirements. can be configured to automatically alert you to usage issues and to share the data with your team.

The Desktop Relay is FREE-TO-DOWNLOAD.