Data logging FAQs

Errors saying files did not install correctly – Windows™ XP and 7 Professional
Your IT Department may have configured your PC to restrict what can be installed by users. Try the following and if unsuccessful, refer to your Company IT Department.

Once you have downloaded the software, locate the “exe” file and right click it. Select “run as administrator” and follow the prompts.

You may have to enter the administrator’s password. If you do not know this then please refer to your company’s IT Department.

Connecting using Bluetooth™
You must pair your Cable Avoidance Tool/Locator/Signal Generator/Transmitter with your computer or smartphone before you can download the data stored in the unit.

The method used for pairing is different depending on the ‘make’ and ‘model’ of the Bluetooth™ adaptor your computer has fitted. The document available in the downloads section will help you find how to pair your locator using the particular make of Bluetooth™ adaptor you have.

When I start the Toolkit, the red dot does not appear and some of the text is missing. ‘Error 76’ may be shown.
This can be caused if the program was not fully installed. Certain folders must be present for the Toolkit to function correctly. This usually occurs when the program was not installed ‘As Administrator’.

The above symptoms usually point to the following folder not being created at installation:

For Windows™ XP: c:documents and settingsusernameapplication datacscope

For Windows™ 7: c:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingcscope

Note that ‘username’ in the above is the name you use to log onto your profile.

Please also note that there must be one file in the above folder, named ports.ini

We recommend that you uninstall the program and reinstall using Administrator rights.

I cannot select a com port number of 15 or less
Some Bluetooth™ implementations assign the com port number automatically during the pairing process. The Toolkit requires that the com port be between 1 and 15 inclusive.

This automatic selection is out of our control. If you experience this problem, a different Bluetooth™ dongle will need to be purchased which uses the Toshiba driver. This has a stage during the pairing which allows you to select the com port to use.

Please contact C.Scope if you experience any difficulties with this.

During installation, error message includes the words “component ‘xxxx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered”
For Windows™ XP users:

Click ‘Start’, ‘All Programs’, ‘CScope PC Toolkit’ or ‘CScope PC Toolkit XL2’ depending on your locator type.

Now right click the option called ‘C.Scope Locator Tools – Register files’ and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

You should receive a series of six messages saying that each step has been successful.

For Windows™ Vista/7 users:

Follow the steps above but choose ‘C.Scope Locator Tools – Register files for Win 7 users’ from the C.Scope…. group.

Cable Avoidance Tool/Locator/Signal Generator/Transmitter fails to install a device driver when first connected on a Windows™ XP PC.
When first connecting your Cable Avoidance Tool/Locator/Signal Generator/Transmitter to a PC with Windows™ XP as the operating System, it may not correctly install a driver.

Download this file and extract the files. Choose to update the driver for the locator from the Device Manager screen in System in Control Panel and Browse to the folder you created with the extracted files.

If you require help with this, please contact C.Scope Service department and we will be happy to help.

Note: After installation, you may see that a COM port has not been created for the unit even though the driver has now installed successfully. Find the unit in Device Manager and double click to open the device properties. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab and click to tick the ‘Load VCP’ box. VCP is Virtual Com Port. Close the boxes and reconnect your unit. DOWNLOAD USB Driver here.

What is the purpose of the Android™ ‘Relay’ App?
the purpose is two-fold:

  1. It allows you to record in real time, the data output by the locator on the Bluetooth™ link, every second.
  2. It allows you to download data already stored in the locator from previous locating sessions.

In both cases it then enables you to email the data file for storage and analysis using the PC Toolkit program.

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