The CXL4, DXL4 and MXL4 Locators and the SGA4, SGV4 and MXT4 Signal Generators/Transmitters are digital products that do not require periodic recalibration.

The CXL4, DXL4 and MXL4 Locators and the SGV4 and MXT4 Signal Generators/Transmitter products perform an Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST) that checks the functionality of the product including the receiving aerials each day when it is first switched on.

When turned on at the start of each day, a positive Automatic Daily Self Test result gives confirmation to the operator that the products are working at their optimum level.

The result of each test is recorded and stored on memory within the products in-built data files and can be downloaded onto a PC at any time within twelve months*.

These test results can be used to produce a Product Validation Certificate using the C.Scope PC Toolkit. In addition, any results of the Self Test that have been carried out in the last twelve months* are available.

C.Scope has a network of authorised Service Centres that are also able to provide third-party Test and Conformity Certification should you require it to comply with client or internal requirements.

The following products do not require periodic recalibration: CXL4, CXL4-D, CXL4-DBG, DXL4-D, DXL4-DBG, MXL4-D, MXL4-DBG, SGA4, SGV4-D and MXT4-D.

For more information on product calibration (XL3 and SGA3) and conformity (XL4, SGA4,SGV4 and MXT4) , please call +44(0)1233 629181 or emailĀ [email protected]

*Products have internal capacity for storing over 12 months of data (in normal use).